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Introduction to Umbrella Bases and Stands
Perfect for sunny summer days to shield you with comforting shade, a patio umbrella is a wonderful addition to your yard. Outdoor umbrella stands and bases are also an important and necessary tool to securely hold your umbrella. Patio umbrella bases and stands are made in different weight classes; the larger the umbrella canopy, the heavier base you will need to keep your umbrella stable. Our large selection includes solid bases made from cast aluminum and other metals to composite bases that you can fill with water or sand. Width, height, shape, length, and weight of the base and umbrella stand are significant factors that contribute and affect the presentation of your umbrella. Additionally, some outdoor umbrella stands and bases are only suitable for specific umbrella models that we carry on PatioLiving. We only supply the best quality stands and bases from designer brands like, Galtech, Bambrella, Frankford, Shademaker, and more to ensure extended long lasting use of your products.

Benefits of Umbrella Bases and Stands
Whether for your home patio, business, or yard, patio umbrella stands and bases are a necessity for proper installation and use of your umbrella. A good solid outdoor umbrella base and stand will support your umbrella and maximize your outdoor patio experience with less hassle and stress. Available in various materials that include plastic, cast aluminum, steel, wood, and fiberglass, we have stands and bases that are guaranteed to hold your umbrella securely and safely. Wood patio umbrella stands and bases are naturally resistant to moisture, mold, and insects. The center poles we carry are anywhere from 1.375’ to 2’ in diameter. They feature special helpful functions that include crank lifts, pulleys, and tilt functionalities. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, giving it a versatile advantage that makes it great for many uses. It works well when shaped into an umbrella stand or base because of its sturdiness and resistance to rust and corrosion. compatible with any size umbrella, this element gets the job well done. Fiberglass frames on the other hand, are sturdy and stronger than aluminum or wood. Their ribs are incredibly flexible, preparing them to accommodate sudden gusts and strong winds, and can last up to four or five times longer than their wood or aluminum counterparts. Fiberglass is perfect for personal and commercial use, and sizes range from 4’ to 9’ to adequately hold your umbrella. A steel patio umbrella base and umbrella stand is the most efficient due to the solid structure of the material. Its tough build will secure your umbrella properly, preventing aging, unbalance, and corrosion longer than other materials. Suitable for all umbrella hood sizes, the steel bases in our inventory are ready to face any outdoor challenge or task from nature.

Decorating with Outdoor Umbrella Bases and Stands
When deciding on a patio umbrella base and stand, it is important to know what you are looking for; the size of the umbrella you own plays a big role in the selection process. Umbrellas that are 13 feet and higher require a base and stand that is different than that of a 4 to 6 foot umbrella. In other words, the bigger your umbrella, the bigger the stand should be. Bases and stands should be paired accordingly with width and height placed into consideration. Offset umbrellas, also known as cantilever umbrellas, are the most stable, and feature a crank tilt that is easy to operate. Octagon umbrellas usually pair well with a fiberglass or wood stand and base, which complement a more natural or traditional setting, whereas steel and aluminum bases do well in modern patios with limestone, granite, or marble surroundings. A plastic patio umbrella base requires sand in order to function successfully and maintain the posture of your umbrella. We recommend that you pair your base and stand tastefully, coordinating the colors, fabrics, and dimensions of your umbrella for the best results.

For more information about patio umbrellas, read PatioLiving's Patio Umbrella Buying Guide to learn more about patio umbrella sizing, construction, materials, and features.