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Fiberglass Patio Umbrellas

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Learn More About Fiberglass Umbrellas
Fiberglass refers to a type of glass fiber reinforced plastic, prized for its flexible durability. Fiberglass patio umbrellas are commonly popular in casual residential and commercial settings, such as beaches and public parks. PatioLiving carries a diverse inventory of fiberglass patio umbrellas from top brands, in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Options generally include up to seven finishes, numerous fabric options, and sizes ranging from 4’ to 9’ or larger. Fiberglass materials function well in almost any casual outdoor aesthetic, with options sure to match any individual decorating style and budget.

Benefits of Fiberglass Umbrellas
A fiberglass umbrella has several unique benefits to it, making it the ideal choice in specific environments. FIberglass frames are sturdy and stronger than aluminum or wood, but displays a unrivaled flexibility that will readily bend to accommodate sudden gusts and strong winds. Umbrellas constructed from fiberglass can last up to four or five times longer than aluminum or wood counterparts. Fiberglass frames are generally coated with a protective powder-finish, making them both rust and corrosion resistant. For ease of use and portability, fiberglass patio umbrellas are available as one-piece or two-piece models. Other convenient features common to fiberglass include tilt mechanisms to protect from the sun at different times of the day, as well as push open and crank lift functionalities.

Decorating with Fiberglass Umbrellas
Fiberglass patio umbrellas are simple, sleek, and styled for functionality. They generally feature a reflective finish in neutral color options, and coordinating plastic crank lifts and other accessory parts. As fiberglass patio umbrellas are highly suitable to windy environments, they are very popular on beaches and in beachfront settings. With this in mind, many fiberglass umbrellas are styled with decorative beach-inspired accents, such as white trim and scalloped shades, emulating a casual and fun look. These fiberglass patio umbrellas pair well with casual beach furniture, such as vibrant recycled plastic furniture and strap furniture. In particularly windy conditions, we recommend pairing your fiberglass umbrella with comparably wind-resistant furniture selections, such as wrought iron furniture and steel furniture.

For more information about patio umbrellas, read PatioLiving's Patio Umbrella Buying Guide to learn more about patio umbrella sizing, construction, materials, and features.