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Teak Furniture

Introduction to Teak Furniture

Teak patio furniture becomes more beautiful year after year as its natural patina ages, turning the wood's honey brown to a silvery gray. Teak furniture is a great investment, not only because of its timeless nature, but because of the material's durability and strength. High quality teak furniture will easily outlast many other materials, un-phased by the weather, temperature, or rigorous daily use.

Benefits of Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio set has an abundance of natural oils and rubber in its core and these protective oils give outdoor teak furniture its natural weather-resistant properties even after being processed and kiln dried. Besides weather proofing the wood, teak’s natural oils and rubber also help protect the teak from dry rot, fungi, and parasites. Quality manufactures will use lumber that has high oil content levels in the teak patio furniture sets. Weather resistant furniture is ideal for year-round use, and requires minimal maintenance. Modern teak furniture is also a very strong and durable product, allowing for frequent use.

The Making of Teak Outdoor Furniture

The way teak is made contributes to its durability and long lasting nature. Quality manufacturers will use techniques like mortise and tenon joinery to fit pieces together snugly, without using metal hardware. A high quality teak furniture set will use wooden dowels to join the pieces together. Teak pieces that are assembled with metal hardware won’t last as long as an all wood piece, but when hardware is used, make sure it’s brass or stainless steel to combat rust or corrosion. Another tell-tale sign of quality, when looking at teak furniture (for example: teak outdoor dining tables), is the lumber’s thickness. The table legs should be at least 1.5" thick on all sides, unless the piece is sculpted. A manufacturer like Royal Teak Collection is a perfect example of exemplary craftsmanship. A teak patio dining set from the Royal Teak Collection is kiln dried and made with mortise and tenon joints for a secure fit.

Different Styles of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Our teak furniture comes in a variety of different outdoor styles. If you’re looking for a full set, we carry dining sets and lounge sets. Modern teak sets have a teak outdoor bench on one side instead of chairs. The outdoor teak bench is a stylish update to a traditional dining set, and is great for accommodating large groups. Teak lounge sets are also perfect additions to any outdoor space. Teak outdoor chairs paired with an outdoor coffee table can instantly add an element of sophistication to your patio. A lounge set with a teak coffee table is great for a completed, styled feel.

For individual high quality teak furniture pieces, PatioLiving carries lounge chairs, chaise lounges, dining chairs, bar stools, counter stools, loveseats, sofas, swings, ottomans, and teak bench options. If you’re looking for teak outdoor tables, PatioLiving carries bar tables, bistro tables, dining tables, chat tables, coffee tables, end tables, and picnic tables. A teak patio table is a great long lasting addition for your space. With minimal maintenance, your teak outdoor table might even last long enough to become a family heirloom. For your patio accessory needs, PatioLiving also carries serving carts, planters, and storage racks.

For more information on teak furniture, in addition to other materials used in the making of our patio furniture, you can read PatioLiving’s Outdoor Materials Buying Guide.