Commercial Patio Heaters

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Introduction to Commercial Patio Heaters

Best commercial patio heaters with natural gas

Commercial patio heaters are the perfect way to extend outdoor entertaining needs for public spaces and large areas. Restaurants, bistros, and outdoor cafes use commercial patio heaters to make patrons feel more comfortable in cooler climates enabling businesses to extend use of their usable seating area. Consequently, commercial heaters are built to higher grade specifications for use in high traffic areas. These type of heaters typically feature higher BTU ratings and extensive safety mechanisms including shut-off valves, safety tilt switches, and safe-to-touch frame units. PatioLiving offers a diverse mix of commercial patio heaters from top brands including Bromic Heating, Lava Heat Italia, and Sunglo. Most models are crafted from weather-resistant stainless steel in a variety of metallic finishes, with propane gas, natural gas, electric, and infrared technology units available.

The Benefits of Commercial Patio Heaters

Commercial patio heaters offer a stylish temperature control for any outdoor setting, with some models suitable even for indoor use with portable, tabletop, and compact versions available for advanced transport and storage versatility. Commercial heaters are engineered as efficient temperature control devices emitting a gentle warmth and glow to bring refined elegance and ambiance to any setting. Streamlined to offer the best combination of design and performance, commercial patio heaters simultaneously sustain the adverse effects of natural elements while also distributing heat throughout a sizable outdoor area. PatioLiving offers a varied selection of commercial patio heaters with options to appeal to many different styles and ease of use. Some units are equipped with modern features such as telescopic height adjustment, remote control operation, and wheel casters. Commercial heaters are also safe to use with adjustable heat setting, safety tilt switch and match-free ignition features.

Different Styles and Types of Commercial Patio Heaters

Commercial patio heaters provide a clean and draft-free enclosure of warmth so you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors during colder temperatures. These types of commercial heaters are well suited in residential homes, or commercial settings such as hotels, shops, and restaurants. An outdoor heater stylishly complements any dining set and brings a unique decorative appeal to any outdoor space with portable hanging and post styles available at PatioLiving in a variety of finishes that are designed for superior performance in outdoor conditions. While some commercial heaters are powered by electric, propane and natural gas using superior heat distribution technology, infrared heaters provide the cutting edge technology that will appeal to energy conscious customers. Brands such as Patio Comfort and Sunglo have integrated infrared radiant technology in their designs offering warmth that heats objects instead of the surrounding air.

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