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Introduction to Sling Outdoor Furniture
Sling patio furniture is made for form-fitting comfort. It is an ideal patio furniture option for pools or any damp location where its quick-drying properties are needed. For poolside or beachfront, patio sling chairs are a popular and practical choice. Additionally, you will find patio sling chairs ideal for areas exposed to intense sun, wind and rain because of their durability and suitability for extreme conditions. Patio sling chairs are also a comfortable choice for dining or relaxing without the need for cushions. If you ever decide to change the look or color of your outdoor décor, the fabric of your outdoor sling chairs can easily be switched for a new color, pattern or texture to suit your needs. This adaptability makes sling patio furniture sets a smart buy because you never need to buy new furniture to update your outdoor décor. You only need to select a different sling fabric to refresh the look. Sling back patio chairs and sling furniture combines all the elements you need for an upbeat outdoor entertaining space: style, comfort, ease of maintenance, and longevity.

The Making of Sling Outdoor Furniture
Sling patio furniture is often chosen for its quick-drying properties. Sling fabrics are typically made from vinyl-coated polyester which resists water. The fabric is stretched tightly on the chair frame which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. The double stitched fabric on a sling patio chair ensures its structural integrity and years of functionality. Sling outdoor furniture conforms to the body, but you can add additional comfort to your sling patio furniture by selecting padded sling chairs that have built-in lumbar features. The best example of this is Woodard’s Cortland Padded Sling Collection. Woodard takes their already comfortable Cortland collection and adds the option of richly padded cushions to sling chairs. They basically are taking an already exemplary product and putting it over the moon. Padded slings are made by combining two layers of fabric and filling between the layers with a marine-grade, water-resistant padding. Padded sling chairs also dry very quickly and are suitable for pool areas or any outdoor space where you might want extra comfort in your seating options.

Different Styles of Sling Outdoor Furniture
PatioLiving carries a wide variety of types of sling outdoor furniture. PatioLiving carries sling lounge sets, and dining sets made from aluminum, cast aluminum, steel, wood, and recycled plastic materials. PatioLiving carries sling seating such as lounge chairs, chaise lounges, dining chairs, bar stools, counter stools, loveseats, benches, lounge beds, sofas, and ottomans. With such a wide selection of sling patio furniture, you are sure to find your dream outdoor sling chair at PatioLiving.

Benefits of Sling Outdoor Furniture
There are many benefits to sling patio furniture. Sling outdoor furniture is stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Sling patio furniture is great for residential spaces, but is especially ideal for commercial spaces. Its durable nature makes it a long-lasting investment for any high-traffic outdoor area. Sling patio furniture is water resistant, and is perfect for pool side furniture. Sling outdoor furniture won’t fade and will look brand new for months after your purchase.