Commercial Pool Furniture Buying Guide

The best hotels, resorts, and public pools have a variety of patio furniture to meet their guests' every need. Learn more about commercial pool furniture to maximize your space!

Imagine spending a hot summer day at your favorite resort or vacation spot. You’re relaxing by the hotel pool with a drink in hand, catching some rays on a poolside chaise lounge, not a care in the world. I bet that scenario is what most of us imagine when we think of our ideal summer getaway, and if you manage a commercial space with a pool or beach, you certainly want your guests to feel that your space lives up to their vacation expectations.

When choosing patio furniture for a commercial pool, the comfort and amenities available to your guests are of utmost importance. Guests want to relax by the pool with a place to sit, a table to hold their things like towels and drinks, a place to eat, a place to cool off, and more. If you make sure you are providing your guests with everything they need, they’re sure to return year after year.

Maximize your guest experience by adding some necessary luxuries to your patio to enhance the functionality, beauty, and comfort of your poolside space.

A Place to Lounge

Providing your guests with a place to sit and relax is essential to the vacation experience. People go on vacation, or spend a day at the pool, to get away from everyday life and enjoy the warm summer days. Chaise lounges are the perfect seating option to place near the pool, because they are a great transition from taking a swim to working on a tan. They are also an ideal spot for mom and dad to take a minute to relax while still being able to keep an eye on the kids in the pool.

Chaise lounges come in a wide variety of materials and colors, so you can find the lounges that will be perfect for your business. A public pool or family-friendly hotel might fare best with plastic or aluminum chaise lounges, because those materials are durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. If you manage a high-end, luxurious resort, you may consider plush chaise lounges adorned with waterproof cushions in a variety of colors and patterns. There are plenty of deluxe options with modern styling to fit seamlessly into your decor. For a commercial space, opt for chaise lounges that are lightweight and easy to store during the off season, or during inclement weather when they could potentially be damaged. Foldable and stackable options are also available for additional storage convenience.

Beyond the poolside chaise lounge, it is important to provide your guests with additional seating options. There are a wide variety of lounge chairs, sofas, loveseats, adirondack chairs, and daybeds that are perfect for a poolside retreat. There are even chaise lounges you can place in the shallow end of the pool itself, so your guests can relax while slightly submerged in the water. Pair your lounge seating with end tables, ottomans, and umbrellas to provide everything your guest will need while they are lounging by the pool.

Poolside Dining

Be sure to have a dining area available for your guests to enjoy a meal or two near the pool. Even if you don’t allow food on your pool deck, your guests may want to relax and chat around a table, or they may need a table to hold their personal items while they take a swim. Dining tables are a great addition to a commercial pool space because they are versatile and give your guests a much-needed home base while they are enjoying your pool. There are a wide range of dining tables available depending on your desired look and your space available.

If you serve food, consider a range of small and large dining tables to make sure your guests and their families have a place to sit and enjoy their meals together. If you don’t serve food, or if you have limited space, you may opt for a few small bistro tables to give people a place to sit by the pool and enjoy the weather. Like lounge chairs, dining sets are available in many different styles and materials to suit your needs. For a commercial space, low maintenance options that are durable and lightweight are both beautiful and functional. Materials like aluminum and recycled plastic are great for commercial spaces, but if you are looking for something sturdy and durable you may also opt for cast aluminum, wrought iron, or steel.

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Cool Off in the Shade

Umbrellas are an important part of a commercial pool space because your guests will most likely want, and need, to take a break from the hot sun throughout the day. Umbrellas provide guests with a shaded place to relax while still enjoying the weather outside. They can be placed anywhere on your patio space to ensure that all of your guests have the opportunity to get out of the sun whenever they desire.

Many dining tables have a center hole where you can place an umbrella to shade the table. You can also place an umbrella near a set of chaise lounges or lounge chairs using an umbrella base or umbrella stand. Cantilever umbrellas are another great option to shade a lounge area because it prevents an obstruction of view. Commercial umbrellas are strong and sturdy to withstand windy conditions, and come in a variety of sizes to shade your desired area. Sizes range from a 4 ft. shade to shades over 13 ft., so you can choose the size or sizes best suited for your patio space.

Not only are umbrellas a necessary and functional element of a commercial pool, but they also add an important design element. Umbrellas come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to match your decor. Check out our Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide for more information about the different types of umbrellas available for your space.