Commercial Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Beautify the outdoor patio of your bar, restaurant, hotel, or entertaining space with commercial furniture fit to serve a crowd.

If you own a bar, restaurant, resort, or other commercial space used for entertaining, it’s likely you also provide an outdoor area for your guests to dine, relax, and enjoy warm weather days. This outdoor patio should be an extension of your business, and thus be a beautiful and functional space with patio furniture that can withstand hefty traffic and possibly inclement weather conditions. While aesthetic style may be at the forefront of your mind, it is also important to consider the durability and longevity of the furniture you choose to minimize unwanted replacement costs.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to commercial patio furniture. Whether you want to provide ample dining space, a comfortable place to lounge, or plenty of shade, you can find the right commercial patio furniture for your business. There are a few things to consider before choosing the furniture that works best for your space, and there are a few accessories and add-ons to make the patio at your bar or restaurant the place to be this summer. Keep your guests happy (and exceptionally comfortable!) by choosing commercial patio furniture that will make your business shine.

This guide features tips for choosing outdoor furniture for the patio of a business such as a bar or restaurant. If you are interested in learning about commercial pool furniture, visit our Commercial Pool Furniture Buying Guide.

Food & Fun

If you serve food and/or drinks, you’ll want to provide dining tables and dining seating for all of your guests and then some. Taking the size of your outdoor space into consideration, be sure to place plenty of tables and chairs on your patio to give your guests a comfortable dining experience. If you want to provide additional amenities for your guests, and if you have the additional space, you can also choose from a wide variety of commercial lounge sets, bar sets, lounge seating, fire pit tables -- you name it! Giving your guests a comfortable place to dine, relax, and visit with their friends and family will ensure that they stick around at your establishment and potentially purchase more food and drinks, resulting in a larger profit for your business! Just as in the interior of your restaurant, it is essential for your outdoor patio to accommodate all of your guests’ needs and keep them happy and comfortable during their visit.

Commercial outdoor furniture is engineered specially for outdoor use and is extra strong to withstand a high level of usage and potentially damaging weather conditions. Make sure you choose outdoor furniture made of materials that are resistant to water to prevent rust and mold, and sturdy enough to stay put in windy conditions. Learn more about the different outdoor materials available in our Outdoor Materials Buying Guide.

Heating & Cooling

When you are hosting guests outdoors, it is important to consider their level of comfort and the effects of the weather. While it is nice to eat outside on a warm summer day, prolonged exposure to the sun can make it hard for guests to see and also make them uncomfortably hot. You can't change the temperature outside, but you can address this issue with patio umbrellas. Patio umbrellas can be easily fitted into dining tables with an umbrella hole in the center, or offset from the dining area with a cantilever umbrella to keep guests protected from the sun’s rays. It’s okay if some of your guests would prefer to soak up the sun; umbrellas are retractable and can be opened, closed, or stored away whenever you need! Commercial umbrellas are manufactured specially to be more durable and better at withstanding windy conditions than average outdoor umbrellas. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to fit your needs and your desired decor.

Having patio umbrellas to shield your guests from the sun during the summer is crucial, but outdoor entertaining isn’t just for summer anymore. You can extend your business’s patio season by installing commercial patio heaters to allow guests to enjoy your outdoor space earlier and spring and later in fall than usual. With standing, wall mounted, and table top options, there are plenty of ways you can keep your patio heated and your guests cozy.

Storage & Transitional Spaces

Storing your outdoor furniture during the off-season is another important thing to consider before choosing patio furniture for your commercial outdoor patoo. Although storing the furniture will take up a fair bit of space regardless, there are folding and stackable options to compact your tables and chairs and to make it easier to store them away. You can also opt for patio covers to cover your furniture and further protect it from the weather.

If your business is located in a place like Florida or California where it is warm all year round, you don’t necessarily have to worry about storing your outdoor furniture away, because you want your guests to be able to utilize your patio all year long. However, you might occasionally need to move the furniture out of the way to create space for a private party, dance floor, or other special occasion. This is where foldable and stackable furniture also comes in handy. Being able to fold away unwanted or unused tables and chairs, or stack them on top of eachother in a neat pile that takes up minimal space, is ideal when you need to create a temporary open area for any variety of activities. Foldable and stackable options can even come in handy on a crowded night when you need to squeeze in a few extra tables to cut down on wait time. Just store extra tables and chairs in your restaurant or off to the side of your patio so you can pull them out as needed.