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Woodline Shade Solutions

Woodline Shade Solutions

Woodline Shade Solutions

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Woodline Shade Solutions

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Woodline Shade Solutions manufactures the umbrellas you’re looking for to complete your next commercial patio project. The international brand operates on a truly global scale, shipping its products and collections throughout the world, and has earned a reputation for excellence and consistency that spans nations. Woodline Shade Solutions is headquartered in South Africa, and they have products to meet your needs, no matter where you call home. Market umbrellas from the leading brand will complete your outdoor restaurant patio, while large sheet solutions are ideal in venues from rooftops to country clubs. No matter the scope and scale of your project, find the umbrellas you need from the brand that has been in business for over twenty five years, Woodline Shade Solutions.

The Woodline Shade Solutions Line The Woodline Shade Solutions diverse inventory makes it simple to find the umbrellas you’re looking for. You can choose from three different fabric options, a range of bases, and different functionality add ons. The brand offers Sunbrellas shades that are made using some of the most durable fabric that is available in the outdoor industry. These types of shades have earned renown for being resistant to UV fading and other sun damage, corrosion from exposure to salty seaside air, and general breakdown from exposure to rain and other precipitation. You can choose from two other high grade fabric materials and even customize the color of your shade fabric to achieve a look that is truly unique. Bases from Woodline Shade Solutions include both metal and concrete options. You can choose from bases that include a range of shapes and styles to find the right one for your project. With functionality features like crank lift opens and swivel cantilevered frames, Woodline Shade Solutions is proud to bring plenty of utility to any setting through umbrellas that are simple and easy to operate.

The Woodline Shade Solutions Aesthetic Woodline Shade Solutions cantilever umbrellas are the perfect option for casting cooling shade that won’t obstruct or compete with the aesthetic of a complete lounging arrangement. These umbrellas feature an offset pole and a shade that extends over your furniture for the ultimate in convenience. Market umbrellas from Woodline Shade Solutions will help you achieve a classic traditional look. These umbrellas feature a straight center pole and pair perfectly with dining sets that include a center table hole. Some market umbrellas include a tilting mechanism, so they can be adjusted throughout the day to block the sun as efficiently as possible no matter where it is positioned in the sky. Sheet-style shades are flat, typically rectangular and supported by a dual-style frame with legs on two edges of the shade. These umbrellas are a more modern option that brings a sleek edge to any outdoor space, and they are ideal in settings where guests will primarily be standing and mingling throughout the venue. No matter what you select, you’re sure to get a durable, consistent product that is as beautiful as it is functional from Woodline Shade Solutions.

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