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Nonstock Sunbrella Cantilever Collection by Treasure Garden

Cantilever umbrellas are a versatile option for those who don’t want to take up extra space on their patio. Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas have a supportive pole off to the side instead of in the center like more traditional umbrellas. This makes it easy to place the umbrella over a pool, hot tub, or any other area where a center pole might get in the way. Styling Guide for Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas Cantilever umbrellas are large, which make them ideal for shading lounge or dining areas. If you live in a sunny climate, this type of umbrella is perfect as it will allow you to enjoy your patio area without worrying about the harsh sun. Additionally, Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas are customizable, allowing you to choose the frame material and canopy fabric that best suits your style. Material Details For a classic, more natural appearance, a wood frame is a good choice, however, they can snap more easily than other materials, which can be a problem in windier climates. Aluminum and fiberglass are extremely durable and can withstand all weather conditions. Weather is an important factor in choosing your umbrella’s canopy fabric as well. For wetter, more humid climates, polyester is a good choice, and comes in a variety of different eye-catching colors for a truly customizable umbrella. A thatch canopy offers a unique look, especially in more tropical settings. Shop Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas TodayChoosing the perfect umbrella for your space doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Refer to PatioLiving’s Umbrella Buying Guide for more information, tips, and tricks.