Popular Patio Styles/Trends for Southern States Homeowners

Patios are outdoor living spaces that come in different designs that can include a roof or no roof, they can be attached or not, and patios can be made from a variety of materials.

This versatility in design and application of patios makes them a popular addition for the purpose of having more space, entertaining guests, and adding overall value to your home.

Designing a patio for a warmer state is easy because there is a huge selection of furnishings and design materials available to build the perfect patio system. Choosing the right furniture to match the climate is important for comfort and durability. If the furniture and patio accessories are outside a lot or not covered, the type of upholstery and materials should be considered during design.

Trends and Styles of Patios for Warmer Regions

Different types and styles of patios for warmer regions can include:

  • Multi Level patios - Large homes or houses on slopes may have patios that open up more living space over multiple stories. They are usually connected with stairs. These patios can also give a place to relax with a view.
  • Garden spaces - Traditionally gardens and backyards are where patios could be found. They make ideal rooms to access backyards areas like gardens. Patios can double as garden work areas or storage for yard tools. The easy access and transition to the main house make patios an ideal place to clean up from working in the garden.
  • Outdoor entertaining - Patios are a popular place around the home for hosting different types of gatherings. Birthdays and other celebrations during warmer months can be held in patio spaces. Certain patio systems may be designed for high social activity. It can be helpful to determine what a patio will be primarily used for when you are designing it and selecting furniture.
  • Detached patios - A detached patio can be a very attractive addition to larger properties. These types of patios can be a great place to host social gatherings away from the main house. Often, gardens, gazebos, and water features will enhance detached patio spaces.
  • Front patios - While many patios are traditionally a part of back yards, the front entry can have a patio as well. This is a great way to enclose the front yard and make more room in your home. Front patios can be decorated and designed to add an aesthetic and welcoming appeal to the front yard.

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