Patio Trends for Northern State Homeowners

One of the major perks of owning your home is having a patio on which you can sit to drink, dine, entertain, and watch the fireflies on warm summer nights.

However, many homeowners in colder states struggle to enjoy their patios once the temperature drops.

Wind, rain, or even snow aren’t conducive for a memorable patio experience. Fortunately, there are a few trends for you to consider that allow you to keep enjoying your patio, even after other homeowners have headed inside.

Welcome to Your Outdoor Hearth

Of course, a patio heater is an easy way to keep warm during colder months and even when the temperature dips quickly on summer nights. However, it's far from the only option you have. Fortunately, some of those options are a bit more attractive than patio heaters.

Many people opt for fire features on their patio, and why not? Their warmth and ambiance are function and form all rolled into one. A permanent fireplace to the side provides even more warmth and makes a great conversation starter. You'll also find smaller portable options that include a tabletop, so you can rest your drinks as you chat well into the night. In fact, you can impress guests with a hot cocoa bar, complete with mini marshmallows, to keep the chill away.

For those who have the means, enclosing the patio to create a 3-season room might be the better option. The glass protects you from the elements without obscuring your view of nature. If you don't want to fully enclose your patio, consider curtains.

During the summer, sheer curtains let the sun and wind come through, but swapping for thicker curtains when it's cold prevents the wind from nipping at your nose. Plush curtains can really add to the cozy feel of your patio.

The Perfect Cold-Weather Patio Furniture

Starting with seating, anything that's hard and cold may be a shock once you sit down. Instead, choose pieces made from fabric or add cushions to your patio furniture during the colder months. Indoor-outdoor blankets are perfect for making your space look and feel comfortable.

Beneath that furniture, an outdoor rug prevents the cold from settling into your bones and anchors the space, too. Make sure to choose pieces that can survive a little precipitation, especially if you live someplace that sees snow.

Don't forget about your colors. There's something to be said about the psychology of warm colors--reds, oranges, and yellows. They trick our brains into thinking we're warmer than we are. Of course, darker colors are better at absorbing heat, so your patio set doesn't cool down quite as much after the sun sets.

Finally, adding a few candles, even if they're LED, can make you feel warmer. Combined with candles, blankets, and other cushy items, these items create a cozy sense that the Danish know as "hygge," even if the weather isn't quite so hospitable just a few feet away.

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