How to Create the Ultimate Patio Living Setup for Entertaining Guests

One of the best parts of homeownership is having a patio on which you can enjoy morning tea, family brunch, or a nightcap.

Creating the ultimate patio setup is easier than you might think.

Start with Furniture

Patio furniture is not only the biggest expense, but its size draws the most attention. Choose something to reflect your style without sacrificing comfort, especially if you intend to entertain outside frequently. Padded furniture or additional seating cushions does the trick. Because your patio space might be limited, consider seating and table options that double as storage. For example, a combination cooler and table or storage ottoman ensures a cool drink or cozy drink is always within arms reach.

Just like throw pillows add a homey touch to your living room, they can do the same for your outdoor living space. There are plenty of stylish yet durable options to choose from, no matter what your patio aesthetic.

Consider a few of these options for additional seating without sacrificing patio space:

  • Oversized pillows (that you can toss on the ground)
  • Ottomnans
  • Stumps
  • Stackable chairs
  • A hanging hammock

Finally, an outdoor rug makes all the difference when you want to create a welcoming patio space. It helps create a sense of space on your patio, just like your living room area rug. A comfortable rug also invites your guests to literally kick off their shoes without having to worry about rough bricks or an errant sliver. You can hose down most outdoor rugs for easy cleanup, and if you're concerned about the environment, some rugs are made of recycled plastic.

Create Your Backyard Diner

Of course, no one says the only thing you have to do is sit on a patio. You can create the perfect area to grill or cook a pizza and enjoy it as the sun sets. An outdoor bar with its own refrigerator is the dream for many, but you can accomplish much the same with a rolling wicker bar cart, complete with wine and bottle storage and a compartment to chill your drinks. Add a cocktail-making machine if you really want to turn heads.

Enjoy Your Patio After Dark

You've got a few options to keep your patio comfortable as the sun and temperatures dip. Throw blankets are cozy and inexpensive. However, a patio heater is worth the investment if you frequently spend time outside. Of course, an outdoor fire pit is a wonderful way to add ambiance and warmth that ensures your guests won't notice any chill as night sets in. If you really want to wow your guests, string up twinkling lights on a timer. Waterproof outdoor lights will last the longest.

Once you've got the basics down, all you need to do is add decorative touches such as candles and curtains or dividers for privacy and visuals to make your patio the ultimate outdoor living room.

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