How To Add a Pop of Color to Your Patio

If your patio is in need of an upgrade, adding a pop of color to your space is an easy way to revamp your space with out buying all new patio furniture.

Patios and outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining on a gorgeous afternoon or a sunny weekend. If your patio is in need of an upgrade, adding a pop of color to your space is an easy way to revamp your space with out buying all new patio furniture. Placing the right colored accent pieces on your patio will not only help tie your space together but can garner you endless compliments at your next al fresco soiree. From pillows to flower pots, there are plenty of ways to add a splash of color to your space for an instant patio upgrade.

Replace Your Seat Covers

If you aren’t ready to commit to a colorful piece of outdoor furniture, you can still bring color to your set with seat covers. Colorful cushions are great for adding a splash of color to your outdoor space in a subtle way. We suggest shopping for Sunbrella cushions which won’t fade from the sun, and if you want to be really prepared, we recommend buying an extra pair of cushions so you can swap out the colors depending on your mood or the season!

Keep It Cozy With Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are another great way to add a splash of color to your patio. Most outdoor rugs are constructed to be more durable and fade resistant than indoor rugs, and can be easily cleaned. Placing a colorful floor covering under your outdoor lounge or dining set can be an easy way to tie the space together. When choosing a colorful rug or print, just make sure the color pairs well with your outdoor furniture and the rest of your outdoor space.

Don’t Forget About Pillows

Although typically associated with indoor decorating, pillows are perfect for adding a pop of color to your outdoor spaces as well. We believe your outdoor spaces should be just as comfortable as your indoor rooms, and pillows help to make your space an outdoor oasis where you can easily relax. Adding one or two matching pillows in a bright color to your space can instantly add personality while also making your space more comfortable.

Dress Up The Table

If you have an outdoor dining table, adding a colorful tablecloth can be a great way to brighten up your space. Just like seat covers, when it comes to tablecloths it’s a good idea to have a few different colors and patterns on hand to be able to switch them out depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. If you want to showcase the gorgeous exterior of your outdoor dining table, look for a colorful table runner instead that still shows off your table.

Use More Than One Pop Of Color

When it comes to adding color to your outdoor space, choosing one color or shade to stick with is the easiest way to decorate. However, if most of your outdoor pieces are neutral in color, you have more room to experiment with color. As long as you choose less than three colors and they all compliment each other your space should still look cohesive. 

Flaunt Your Green Thumb

Flowers are always a great way to make your outdoor space look more colorful, but adding a colored pot or planter can make your patio look even more vibrant. Flower pots and planters can be used all over your outdoor spaces from porches to patios to decks. If most of your patio furniture is neutral in color, feel free to experiment with multiple colors as long as all of the planters look cohesive together.

Experiment With Bold Sets

If you really want to take the pop of color plunge, choosing a vibrant set is the best way to add a splash of color to your patio in a big way. Whether you want to add a colorful chair, coffee table, or an entire set, colorful outdoor patio furniture can be a great way to brighten up your space and add personality to your patio. When shopping for colorful sets make sure to look for pieces that have been powder coated, which will be fade resistant from the sun to ensure your furniture stays colorful for years to come.