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Oasis Rolling Bases

Oasis Rolling Bases

Oasis Rolling Bases

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Oasis Rolling Bases

Brand Story Oasis Bases is a premier outdoor producer of sturdy bases for umbrellas. The bases are built and designed in Germany and distributed throughout the United States. With a singular focus on bases, the brand has distinguished itself as a leader in the niche industry, creating innovative and utilitarian designs that are as stylish as they are functional. All bases are graded for commercial use, and make a perfect addition to any private home or commercial outdoor space. A strong attention to detail and the use of high quality materials are the defining cornerstones of the Oasis brand. Since these pieces are crafted to support sizable overhead shade casters, stability, strength, mobility, and durability are all factors considered during the design and manufacturing process. The bases are unique in that they are highly mobile, and can easily be moved around any patio or deck, making it easy to create shade where it is most needed. No matter the style of your outdoor space, Oasis base options include various weights and sizes to hold umbrellas of all sizes. Looking to the future, the well-regarded brand anticipates expanding upon their signature line of bases that are as stylish as they are useful.

The Oasis Bases Product Line The highly durable products from Oasis Bases range in dimensions and weight to accommodate umbrellas of all sizes. The smallest base measures just under 20”x20” and weights 100 pounds. Other bases weigh 130 pounds, 220 pounds, 330 pounds, and include square and round shaped bases. The largest Oasis base measures 36” in diameter. The bases ship as the mobile stand and four separate weights and must be assembled upon delivery. This makes for safer, easier, and more cost-effective transportation of the heavy bases. The Oasis base bodies are crafted from highly durable metal materials that are specially treated to not suffer the effects of wear and tear in an exterior environment. A high-quality ASA plastic stand cover provides protection from UV rays, heat, snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. The products also include sealed bearings and zinc chromated casters for even more strength and long-lasting durability. Oasis base designs are unique and easy to move. They feature a handle that can be used to move and rotate the bases without tilting or straining.

The Oasis Bases Aesthetic Bases from the leading outdoor brand are sleek, pared-down, and modern in appearance. They bring an elegant stylistic leaning to any outdoor space, without detracting from other decorative outdoor elements. The base options include a range of sizes and both square and round bases are available. The sleek handle is powder coated aluminum and discrete in appearance for an unobtrusive aesthetic. Each base is available in a variety of finish colors, from brown to black. The brand leans into clean lines and a neutral color palette. Oasis base products are designed from highly-resilient materials and can be kept outdoors all year round without compromising the appearance of the stand. The stands feature a zinc plated and powder coated body that prevents the stands from rusting or discoloring in outdoor conditions.

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