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Mater Outdoor Furniture offers stylish, Scandinavian furniture for commercial and residential patio settings. The brand was founded by Henrik Marstrand in 2006, and Mr. Marstrand continues to serve as the company’s leader and CEO. Today with offices based out of Los Angeles, California, Mater Outdoor Furniture serves an international market, shipping its furniture designs to countries located throughout the globe. The company was founded in Copenhagen and its designs speak to the classic Scandinavian design styles and themes that are prominent in Denmark and the surrounding countries with similar design identities. When you choose furniture from Mater Outdoor Furniture, you get excellent design execution paired with superb craftsmanship every time. You can choose from must haves for the outdoors like stools crafted from hardwoods and genuine leather to sleek sofas with recycled wool upholstery. No matter the needs of your next residential or commercial furniture project, find the pieces you need to bring your vision to life from the up and coming Danish brand.

The Mater Outdoor Furniture Line Everything on offer from the Mater Outdoor Furniture brand is graded against high benchmarks for durability and strength so these designs are able to withstand daily use and the demands of a commercial environment, from a hotel courtyard to a restaurant patio. This is welcome news too for residential customers who choose Mater Outdoor Furniture for their backyard. You can purchase with the confidence of the knowledge that your furniture has been engineered to perform in busy, highly trafficked environments and all types of inclement weather. The inventory includes essentials for outdoor lounging, entertaining, and dining. You can select from cafe tables or larger dining tables crafted from durable hardwoods with complementary seating featuring leather upholstery. Bar stools from Mater Outdoor Furniture amp up the look and atmosphere in any open air environment. Sofas and saddle chairs make for the perfect lounging arrangement that invites comfortable sun naps and relaxed gatherings. End and coffee tables provide the perfect place to set down outdoor accessories and keep loose items close at hand.

The Mater Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic Founded in Copenhagen and with a strong respect for local heritage, it’s no surprise that the Mater Outdoor Furniture aesthetic is firmly rooted in Danish traditions and visual elements. After only a decade in business, the brand has already established itself as a premium and reliable resource for carefully constructed and stunning outdoor Danish furniture. Residential and commercial customers alike choose Mater Outdoor Furniture for its beautiful and classic silhouettes crafted with some of the best raw materials available within the industry. The company strategically partners and collaborates with a strong and diverse network of designers who bring its furniture ideas to life, from well-known and firmly established talent to newcomers who are making waves within the furniture design industry. From classically Scandinavian silhouettes to more unique and modern options, you’ll find a plethora of chic sophistication on offer from Mater Outdoor Furniture.

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