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Kartell Outdoor

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Kartell Outdoor Furniture from Kartell includes patio furniture, accessories and other essentials for commercial and private residential use. You’ll find everything you need for a sleek and stylish backyard, with forward thinking products like upholstered outdoor seating to chic ghost bar stools. The international brand ships its wares to countries throughout the globe including the United States and has seen tremendous success, growth, and expansion throughout its tenure in the outdoor furniture industry. A leader in design and innovation, Kartell Outdoor Furniture was founded in 1949 and quickly developed its reputation on the promises of offering a range of original, varied and top quality home furniture for indoor and outdoor use. After over seven decades of growth and success, Kartell Outdoor Furniture today strives to create products with designs that are true to the time period during which they were first manufactured, while ensuring all the furniture on offer is designed with a contemporary audience in mind and for a modern way of living.

The Kartell Outdoor Furniture Line Kartell Outdoor Furniture and the full selection of products on offer from Kartell brings together a series of principles and values that allow the brand to thrive within the competitive and ever changing furniture industry. At Kartell Outdoor Furniture, it’s all about balancing contrasting elements to create the best furniture and final products possible. The brand calls on the best creative and design minds as well as technological innovation and innovative, forward thinking materials. The imaginative outdoor inventory includes the brand’s signature Bubble Club series, which includes a lounge chair, sofa, and end table designed for premium comfort and ultimate relaxation in the open air. The brand’s inventory brings together contemporary and traditional design elements crafted from environmentally friendly materials that are lightweight and bridge the gap between everyday practicality and artful design. No matter what you’re hoping to find for your next home or commercial furniture project you’ll find options that are sure to surprise and delight from Kartell Outdoor Furniture.

The Kartell Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic The Kartell Outdoor Furniture aesthetic is completely unique and a delight in any outdoor setting, from residential backyards to commercial venues like hotels, restaurants, or country clubs. The brand designs its collections with fast paced commercial environments in mind, ensuring all furniture is durable and equipped to stand up to the daily wear and tear of a highly trafficked setting. Kartell Outdoor Furniture integrates unique silhouettes and shapes for furniture that is far from the expected and instantly recognizable in furniture design circles. When it comes to quality and durability, the brand does not compromise. Everything on offer is crafted from lightweight and durable, eco-friendly raw and engineered materials for the perfect balance of form, function, and furniture longevity. Sophistication and elegance is paired with practicality and everyday function. Kartell Outdoor Furniture puts as much emphasis on its ideation phases and concepting the best furniture products available as it does on formulating a strong strategic distribution plan so products can be shipped as efficiently as possible and at the greatest value to customers like you.

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