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Brand Story With a premium offering of outdoor umbrellas and exterior accessories, Jardinico is a leading brand within the umbrella market. The brand has honed in on umbrella manufacturing and design as their prime niche focus, allowing the company to make advances in innovation and design at an accelerated rate within the industry. Jardinico Umbrellas prides itself on creating shade-making solutions with exceptional fabrics and easy-to-operate controls for products that are as functional as they are aesthetically stunning. The company has worked in umbrella manufacturing for over ten years, and garnered an impressive reputation in their short tenure within the shade solution industry. Jardinico Umbrellas has showcased their product line at conferences and expos in cities and countries around the planet, including Paris, Las Vegas, and Singapore. With a strong sense of design sensibility and penchant for durability in production, the brand has demonstrated tremendous growth and innovation over their ten years in business.

The Jardinico Product Line The Jardinico Umbrellas inventory includes a range of products that are made from superior construction materials, for shade products that will last for years of exterior use. Fabric shades are crafted from acrylic, polyester, and other durable fabric, and poles are produced typically from aluminum, a highly durable, light material, that is coated with a protective powder to prevent rust or corrosion. The brand offers most umbrellas in a range of frame color and fabric color options. In addition to withstanding damage from rain, UV rays, and wind, the umbrellas are also designed with the intention of being easy to operate and control. Intuitive cranks and push control systems make it easy to shift or adjust products from Jardinico Umbrellas. Other popular functions are 360 degree rotation and a tilt mechanism. For optimal mobility, certain umbrellas have wheels attached to their base so they can be wheeled easily on any pool deck or patio to shade different areas. Umbrella types from Jardinico Umbrellas include beach styles, push open types, and crank open types, with shapes including square, hexagonal, and octagonal. For mobile beach shading, beach umbrellas feature one sharp end on the side of the pole opposite the shade canopy and can be set firmly into sand. To shade dining arrangements or compact lounge spaces, cantilever umbrellas have a pole offset from the fabric shade. To achieve a traditional aesthetic, Jardinico Umbrellas additionally offers center pole products.

The Jardinico Aesthetic No matter the setting, Jardinico Umbrellas combine function and design with ease, bringing shade and a stunning appearance. Shades from the brand are available in neutral hues including black, white, taupe, and grey, and frames can be selected in a range of tones. The products incorporate classic trademarks of umbrella design with a fresh perspective. Clean lines, pared-down styling, and a subdued color range give a contemporary and calm leaning to the products. A variety of umbrella styles, from center pole and cantilevered options, make it easy to find the perfect piece for any unique space or furniture configuration. No matter the environment, Jardinico umbrellas bring cooling shade and effortless style.

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