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Brand Story
For over 50 years, Infratech has been an industry leader in infrared technology, offering a wide range of outdoor products for comfort and heat. The brand’s patio heaters use infrared electric heat to keep you warm even during the coldest months. All of the brand’s electric heaters are eco-friendly and have no harmful fumes or odors to ruin your outdoor experience. You can depend on the company, for warm, even heat exactly when you need it.

Product Line
Infratech heaters radiate energy using infrared technology to warm outdoor spaces like sunrooms, patios, verandas, and porches. A heated quartz element in the heaters emits a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. For this reason, infrared heat can be distributed very evenly, and will not simply "blow away" in windy weather conditions. Infratech's heaters emit a barely noticeable aesthetically pleasing glow that won’t affect the ambience of your gathering - unlike other electric heaters that produce a very harsh glare or bright-colored light. Their heaters have convenient on and off switches and recessed mounting options. The brand's heaters can heat a 5’ x 5’ area, no problem.

The Infratech Heaters Aesthetic
The company offers finish options for their heaters to ensure that it seamlessly blends in with your outdoor space. These low-profile heaters are available in beige or stainless steel to match with many décor styles. The company's heaters are an eco-friendly way to turn up the ambiance with-out distracting sounds or odors that you would have with a gas heater.

Infratech Heaters In Your Backyard
The company offers heaters that add comfort to any outdoor space or enclosed area. Infratech brings warms to homes, restaurants, hotels and more with its array of electric heaters. The brand's heaters allow you to keep yourself and guests warm while entertaining outdoors. No more waiting for summer and nice weather, you can entertain year round with Infratech Heaters. The company made sure during the manufacturing process that its heaters are safe for use outdoors, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors, and do not require ventilation. The brand's heaters are the best on the market, and we’re proud to sell them on PatioLiving.

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