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Ecosmart Fire

Brand Story
EcoSmart Fire is your one stop shop for ethanol commercial fireplace and fire pit products. The leading brand produces one hundred and fifty superior products that are graded for commercial use. Whether on the terrace of a hotel or to warm up the deck at a country club, fireplaces bring a cozy atmosphere and natural lighting source to any outdoor setting in the colder months of the year or after dark. Even in high traffic commercial settings, these products will stand up to frequent use and elevate the look and feel of your business for years. Your customers will be happy to know that EcoSmart fire products are more environmentally-friendly than similar items from competitors. These products use clean bioethanol fuel and do not require a chimney, flue, or utility connection to be powered on, making for more mobile fire products that you can place anywhere. The company’s growing headquarters is located in the United States, in Los Angeles, California, and the brand is proud to provide indoor and outdoor fire essentials to clients throughout the country. Founded over 12 years ago, EcoSmart Fire products have been the choice for top hotels, restaurants and other businesses around the world.

The EcoSmart Fire Line
The versatile EcoSmart Fire line of products includes models designed for indoor and outdoor use. To elevate your commercial setting, you can choose from a range of ethanol burners in various shapes and sizes, which are easy to clean with a simple soap and water solution and can be placed almost anywhere. EcoSmart Fire pits bring all the warmth and comfort of an outdoor bonfire minus the mess. These design-forward products are just as stunning when the flame is turned off and make for a beautiful decorative addition as well as a functional element. Fireplace grates are quick and easy to set up. You first connect the grate to a flat surface using the included attachment system, pour the bioethanol into the chamber, and power on. Whether fireplace inserts or outdoor fire pits are the ticket to completing the look of your commercial venue, EcoSmart Fire has created everything you need.

The EcoSmart Fire Aesthetic
EcoSmart Fire products are perfect for use in a range of home and commercial venues. The aesthetic is clean, neutral, and modern, so it will blend well with almost any color palette. The industry-leading design team at EcoSmart Fire has drawn on inspiration from the projects and places where its products have been installed over the past twelve years to create its signature aesthetic. You’ll find products created from classic materials like stone and glass that are durable as well as beautiful. EcoSmart Fire has developed an inventory that brings together the best in industry-leading innovation with intuitive design features that make these products simple for anyone to operate. The brand has received numerous awards and accolades for its cutting-edge designs and has no plans of slowing down.

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