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Cane Line Outdoor

Brand Story
Cane-Line outdoor furniture is a Danish brand that has been in business for over thirty years. The company provides patio dining and lounge furniture that’s built to commercial standards, and a mix of inventive technologies and the best materials available are what spurs the forward momentum of the company’s growth. Homeowners who choose Cane-Line outdoor furniture to complete the look of their patio or deck can rest easy knowing their investment will stand up to years of use in all types of weather and environments. Over thirty years in business, the brand has perfected its weather-proof technologies to create collections that resist damage from rain, snow, wind, and harmful UV rays that can fade or discolor cushions. Cane-Line outdoor furniture produces its products with the environment and future of our planet in mind. Several independent agencies have bestowed awards and certifications on the brand in recognition of its adherence to strict environmental and recycling standards.

The Cane-Line Outdoor Furniture Line
Cane-Line outdoor furniture has everything your commercial outdoor space craves matched with the commercial quality your customers will expect. To style an outdoor living space that could rival the look and comfort of any lounge or den, start with an outdoor sofa or sectional that offers the space for large groups to gather. Then add in complementary folding chairs, rocking chairs, or lounge chairs. Cane-Line outdoor furniture has a range of seating styles so you’re sure to find the best option for your space. Next bring in end tables and coffee tables so guests to your business have a convenient place to set down loose items and you have the perfect spot to display decor. Restaurants or hotel clients should peruse the brand’s varied inventory of dining sets, dining tables, and dining chairs. Bar carts, bar tables, and bar stools are a great option in more laid back or casual settings. To punch up the aesthetic of any commercial space choose from planters, pillows, ottomans, and more. Umbrellas from Cane-Line outdoor furniture are the solution for shading your guests and customers from unwanted sun rays, while making sure everything looks uniform.

The Cane-Line Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic
Making the lives of customers more comfortable is the central tenet of the Cane-Line outdoor furniture brand identity. That philosophy is reflected in everything the company has on offer. From dining chairs to chaise lounges, features like soft cushions and ergonomic frames bring that unexpected dose of comfort that’s always welcome. Cane-Line outdoor furniture offers plenty of ways that you can customize the final look of your commercial selections. From cushion fabrics to frame finishes, it’s easy to achieve a unique look. The perfect solution for your next hotel or restaurant decorating project, Cane-Line outdoor furniture brings the perfect blend of style and quality and always keeps comfort at the forefront. While their furniture is comfortable, the brand is anything but, and it welcomes change, innovation, and evolution. The team is constantly looking for new ways to expand and improve its offerings to better meet the needs of the modern customer.

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