Tahoe Series Collection by California Umbrella

The Largest freshwater lake in the state of California and one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world. It was formed by the shifting Fault lines and geologic upheaval that has risen to terrifying fame as a part of California’s identity. The Lake is surrounded by the highlights of California’s natural wonders towering trees and Mountains filled with activity deep pristine waters and a vibrant flow of visitors soaking it all in. Tahoe is big gorgeous and dynamic. These essential identifiers describe our Tahoe Series Umbrella. A spacious 11’ by 8’ canopy provides fantastic coverage to oversized outdoor dining sets so you can entertain the extra guests that add greater depth to your outdoor enjoyment. The frame is dynamic in motion as it is designed to shift upwards as you lower the canopy raising the peak point of the mast to allow the umbrella to close unencumbered by standard table heights. Our Tahoe Series is made using the most dependable and beautiful fabrics available so this imposing shade stands out as a centerpiece of your outdoor space.