Outdoor Furniture Covers Buying Guide

Outdoor furniture covers help preserve the integrity of your outdoor patio furniture when exposed to outdoor elements.

Outdoor furniture covers
are the first line of defense against damage and wear when outdoor furniture is not being used. Outdoor elements such as light, heat, and moisture all work to weaken the structural integrity of outdoor materials including metal, wood, and plastic outdoor furniture. A furniture cover helps to maintain and extend the longevity of your outdoor investments, so that you can your outdoor furniture for decades. PatioLiving offers an outdoor furniture cover guide to help determine the different types and features available for high-quality outdoor furniture covers.

Different Types Of Outdoor Furniture Covers

PatioLiving always recommends purchasing coordinating outdoor furniture covers produced by your outdoor furniture manufacturer. Corresponding furniture covers guarantee the perfect fit for specific outdoor furniture, including bulky furniture pieces such as chaise lounges and sofas. The manufacturer’s recommended outdoor furniture cover will thoroughly protect your patio investments from outdoor elements. As a general guide, measurements can help determine the correct size cover for any outdoor furniture from seating, tables, and umbrellas.

Measuring For Seating 

Width: Measure entire right-to-left distance across the width of seating surface, including arms
Measure from the the topmost edge of the back of the seat to the ground to determine depth
Length: Measure across from the edge of leg rest to the back edge of the seat 

Measuring  For Tables

Width: Measure right-to-left distance from opposite edges of table top
Measure from the top of the table to the ground 
Length: Measure entire distance from edge to edge of tabletop

Measuring For Umbrellas

Height: Measure from the top of the umbrella to the ground

Different Types Of Features To Look For In Outdoor Furniture Covers


Moisture from humidity and precipitation can be destructive to outdoor furniture, compromising the integrity of materials including metal corrosion and wood rot. That is why high-quality covers are constructed from water-repellant premium fabrics which help to defend outdoor furniture against exposure to moisture. Look for outdoor furniture covers that are engineered with water-repellant fabrics to ensure superior performance against moisture, including leaks and absorption.

Ventilation Vents

To further protect against moisture exposure for outdoor furniture, top-quality outdoor furniture covers also feature ventilation vents to ensure proper ventilation. Quality outdoor furniture covers are engineered from a breathable material that is UV treated to protect against light exposure, and prevent mold and mildew from developing.

Reinforced Seams

Double-stitched seams safeguard against ripping and tearing of outdoor furniture covers. Premium outdoor furniture covers feature seam reinforcement to ensure double-duty protection, so that your covers last just as long as your patio investments.

Secured Fastening

Look for outdoor furniture covers that feature several fastening methods to ensure a proper fit over outdoor furniture. High-quality outdoor furniture covers will typically feature various methods so that furniture covers do not slip off or blow away for a secure fit. They include:

  • Reinforced ties and tie-downs

  • Edging with elastic

  • Drawstrings

  • Zippers