Chaise Lounges Buying Guide

Achieve ultimate relaxation on your patio with a versatile and beautiful chaise lounge! Here are tips and things to consider before choosing the right chaise lounge for you.

Much like indoor chaise lounges, outdoor chaise lounges provide a luxurious and comfortable spot to sit back and relax. Outdoor chaise lounges are special because they are a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy the weather, especially in the summertime. They are typically placed poolside so you can work on your tan by the water, but can also be used to sit and read a book, eat a meal, take a nap, and more… The possibilities are endless. And so are the options!

Chaise lounges are available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, so you can find something to fit your own personal decor and lifestyle. There are important considerations to make before you decide which chaise lounge is right for your patio. The weather in your area, the amount of space you have to work with, and your decor preferences are all things to consider before choosing a chaise lounge. We put together this buying guide to outline your options and help you find the chaise lounge right for your space.

The Basics

What exactly is a chaise lounge? A chaise lounge is a long, reclining chair, much like if a lounge chair and ottoman were combined into one. The seat back of a chaise lounge is adjustable, enabling the user to lay completely flat or at a range of different angles to sit comfortably. They can be armless or have arms, depending on your preference. There are also double chaise lounges available to provide even extra seating for guests.

Chaise lounges are available in a variety of frame materials, such as aluminum, cast aluminum, wicker, wrought iron, steel, teak, wood, recycled plastic, and resin. There are also a number of seat materials available, including sling, cushion, strap, metal, wicker, teak, wood, recycled plastic, and resin. The types of material you choose depend greatly on your desired look and comfort level, but also depend on the weather in your area and your lifestyle.

Aluminum is extremely lightweight, durable, resistant to corrosion and change in temperatures, low maintenance, easily portable, and affordable, making it a popular material choice for chaise lounges. Aluminum chaise lounges typically have sling or cushion seating, both comfortable and customizable options. Having a lightweight chaise lounge is important if you plan on frequently moving your chaise lounge around your patio, or if you plan on storing it when it is not in use. If you prefer a more sturdy chaise lounge made to withstand windy conditions, you might consider one made of wrought iron or wood. You can find more information about these materials in our Outdoor Materials Buying Guide.

Each material has a different look, and some seating options like sling and cushion are available in a variety of colors to customize the aesthetic of your patio. Chaise lounges with both casual and modern styling are available in many different options to fit your personal design preferences.

Complementary Pieces

A chaise lounge is well suited for an array of different complementary furniture. Placing an end table between two chaise lounges provides a spot for drinks, food, a book, your cell phone, and whatever else you want to have on hand while you’re relaxing on your patio. You can place a chaise lounge adjacent to a lounge set to provide extra seating when you are hosting a large number of guests. Placing a group of chaise lounges together, especially near the pool, gives you and your guests a great spot to hang out while you’re soaking up the sun.

Another option to complement your chaise lounge is a patio umbrella and umbrella stand or base. While it is nice to lay out in the sun, you and your guests will probably need a break from the rays at some point during the day. Placing an umbrella with umbrella base near your chaise lounge will provide much-needed shade and also add another element of style to the space. Cantilever umbrellas are a great option for this, because the base can be placed behind your chaise lounges to avoid an obstructed view, but the share of the umbrella will still extend over where you are seated.

Chaise lounges are versatile and can serve as a fantastic complement to any outdoor furniture configuration.

Storage and Coverage

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a place where the weather is always warm. That means many of us need to consider what we will do with our patio furniture during the off months, or during inclement weather that could potentially cause damage. Taking steps to store and protect your patio furniture ensures its longevity and keeps the furniture looking and feeling like-new for years after purchase.

Chaise lounges are not exactly small, so if you have multiple chaise lounges to store in a shed or garage it is important that they can be compacted to take up minimal space. Foldable and stackable chaise lounges are available to ensure that you can easily store them whenever and wherever you need to.

If foldable and stackable chaise lounges are not an option, or if you have limited storage space regardless, you may opt for patio furniture covers. Chaise lounge covers are made of quality, durable fabrics built to withstand rough weather conditions and keep your furniture safe. Covers are water repellant, ventilated, strong, and come equipped with fasteners to ensure that the cover stays put in windy conditions. We recommend purchasing a cover offered by the manufacturer of your chaise lounge to ensure that the cover will properly fit, however you can purchase any patio furniture cover that you desire. Be sure to measure your chaise lounge before purchasing a cover so you have the proper dimensions for a secure fit.