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The Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture company offers premium patio furniture for commercial and residential use. Founded in 1975, the expanding and evolving company has experienced strong growth and success for well over forty years and shows no signs of slowing down. The brand is family owned and operated, and a strong sense of family values and principles permeate the organization from top to bottom. With offices and manufacturing facilities located in High Point, North Carolina, the brand is truly based at the American epicenter of furniture design and production, allowing it to stay ahead of the curve in regards to forthcoming trends and advances in technology. Every product on the Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture roster is graded for use in commercial environments against strong requirements for durability and quality. This is great news for residential customers too, who can purchase with confidence knowing their selections will stand up to heavy use and wear throughout years of enjoyment, even in environments that experience inclement weather. Today, with dozens of collection on offer, it’s not difficult to find the Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture selections that bring your vision for your patio to life.

The Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture Line The Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture inventory includes dozens of collections and hundreds of furniture products, with plenty of options for customization to achieve the exact look you want. The brand made a name for itself producing signature, lightweight wicker and rattan collections that quickly became renowned and in high demand throughout the United States. To meet the needs and wants of all customers, Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture soon expanded into other sectors of the outdoor furniture industry, crafting collections and products from aluminum, steel, wood, and more. The brand boasts a furniture manufacturing facility that measures a staggering 410,000 square feet in size where all furniture and collections are made. You can choose from outdoor lounge chairs, sofas, love seats, end tables, coffee tables and more to create a stylish and inviting outdoor lounge space. Dining furniture options from Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture include dining side chairs, armchairs, and dining tables of every shape and size.

The Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic The Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture aesthetic is varied and versatile with options to appeal to every residential and commercial customer. With its roots in rattan and wicker furniture production, the brand offers a stunning selection of woven furniture crafted from those signature natural materials. You’ll find everything from dining furniture to lounge essentials in a range of finishes and styles. Today the offerings from Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture include options crafted from aluminum and wood complete with comfortable upholstered cushions that bring every comfort of your indoor living space into the open air. Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture has over one thousand furniture products to choose from, with the same number of fabric options and fifteen wood finishes for a truly custom look. No matter the needs of your next furniture project, you can find exactly what you’re looking for from the brand that delivers consistency, quality, and durability every time.

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