Wood Adirondack Chairs

Learn More About Wood Adirondack Chairs
Wood Adirondack chairs are an outdoor staple. Having been in style for nearly a century, these exterior staples bring rustic sophistication and refinement to any outdoor setting. Adirondack chairs all carry a uniform silhouette and features. They are crafted from thick, wood slabs, and feature wide armrests, high, curved backs, and deep reclined seats. Wood Adirondack chairs are oftentimes considered the pinnacle of exterior seating comfort. Since these chairs are crafted from natural wood materials, they are susceptible to damage from water and extended exposure to sunlight. To protect your Adirondack chairs and from everyday wear and tear, it’s best to cover them with a durable outdoor furniture cover in inclement weather and store them in an enclosed, dry space during the wintertime in northern states. Many Adirondack chairs today are crafted from teak, a rainforest hardwood that is more resilient to damage from the elements. For a more durable Adirondack option, select from chairs crafted from natural teak.

Benefits of Wood Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack chairs crafted from natural wood materials bring a number of benefits to every outdoor space. The classic look is sure to never go out of style, and blend seamlessly with a natural environment. Wood Adirondack chairs are simple to incorporate into almost any exterior space. They are also extremely comfortable, and feature wide armrests and deep reclined seats. Since wood is a natural material, these chairs are an environmentally friendly outdoor furniture choice, when the wood used to manufacture them is responsibly and sustainably harvested. Wood also does not heat up as much as metal when left out under a hot sun, so the surface of these chairs will be more safe to touch in most climates. The unique design of these chairs allows them to be folded up for easy storage and transportation. Adirondack chairs typically are heavy and will not blow away or topple over in windy conditions. While many wood chairs will be susceptible to rot or damage if exposed regularly to snow or rain, more durable wooden options are available. Wood chairs crafted from the hardwood teak repel moisture and bugs, for a low-maintenance option that still brings the natural, rustic look of real wood.

Decorating with Wood Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack chairs constructed from natural wood have been enjoyed for decades, and have earned the status of an outdoor furniture classic. These chairs feature a classic silhouette and slatted wood style that’s instantly recognizable. With an enduring ergonomic design, wood Adirondack chairs are just as comfortable as they are beautiful. These chairs typically have a wide berth, and quickly fill out an outdoor space. They are ideal in large, open settings, like lawns or on a dock. Adirondack chairs style effortlessly in a cabin or rustic setting. They can also be incorporated into modern or urban spaces for an appearance that’s at once creative and unexpected. Place your wood Adirondack chairs around a fire pit table or campfire and add end tables for a functional and cozy space. Pillows and throw blankets can be used to dress up these chairs and make them even more comfortable. Many Adirondacks are manufactured in parallel with a matching ottoman that pairs with the Adirondack perfectly.