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Learn More About Round Outdoor Coffee Tables
Round outdoor coffee tables are a useful furniture piece in any residential or commercial setting. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the right choice to complement lounge chairs and other tables in your space. These tables are crafted from a range of materials and are able to withstand damage in inclement outdoor environments. Both functional and stylish, tables offer a strong counter to an outdoor modular sectional or sofa and lounge chair arrangement. Round coffee tables all include the unifying feature of a round top. The diameter and overall size of these tables can vary, with tables to accommodate any outdoor setting, from a spacious deck to a small balcony. Round patio coffee tables also include bases that can be sleek and pared-down or highly decorative and ornamental. Different base types include drum bases, round bases, or square bases. The base will not necessarily mirror the shape of the tabletop, and different looks can be achieved by selecting tables with a different base. No matter the needs of your outdoor lounging space, find the perfect coffee table on PatioLiving.

Benefits of Round Outdoor Coffee Tables
Round outdoor coffee tables bring all the benefits of an indoor coffee table to the open air. These tables complete the look of any outdoor lounging furniture arrangement, and are the natural counterpart to a sofa or sectional. These tables are crafted from a range of materials, including teak, stone, recycled plastic, aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, and steel. All round patio coffee tables manufactured for outdoor use are produced with the natural elements in mind. Metal tables are treated with a protective powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Teak tables will naturally repel damage from moisture and insects. Recycled plastic material tables withstand damage in almost any climate, and also are scratch and stain resistant. Some tables will include a second shelf below the round tabletop for storing additional accents or outdoor necessities.

Decorating with Round Outdoor Coffee Tables
Typically placed at or near the center of an outdoor lounge arrangement, coffee tables are the focal point of your lounge space. To create a put-together look, choose a table that complements or incorporates other elements found throughout your outdoor space. Choose outdoor end or console tables to style with your coffee table that use similar materials or colors. A well-chosen coffee table can unify the overall aesthetic of your patio, or be a perfect way to make a bold statement and showcase your personal style. Many round outdoor coffee tables are manufactured from two or more materials, for a forward-thinking and chic look. Round patio coffee tables pair especially well with sectional sofas or furniture styled in a circle around the table that mirrors its shape. An outdoor coffee table can be the ideal place to set food, drinks, magazines, books or other small items. These tables can also be decorated with accent pieces such as trays, candles, or small trinkets. Just as with your indoor coffee table, its outdoor counterpart is an ideal opportunity to infuse some style into your space.