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Learn More About Modern Outdoor Benches
Modern patio benches are a fresh take on the classic look of an outdoor bench. Crafted from a range of materials, modern benches include many unique silhouettes and types, all with a unifying contemporary aesthetic. Choose from benches from leading brands in the outdoor patio industry. These benches can be crafted from almost any outdoor furniture material, and are offered in a range of colors, from classic matte black to bold hues such as yellow, blue, or red. Modern outdoor benches offer convenient seating for one, two, three, or more people depending on the length of the bench. These pieces are popular in both residential and commercial outdoor spaces, including public parks, gardens, or along city sidewalks. Benches typically include one rectangular seating surface that sits parallel to the ground, and several legs that support the surface. Benches can sometimes include armrests and backs. These furniture items range in appearance from highly decorative and elaborate to extremely pared down and simple, meaning it’s easy to find the perfect bench for any setting.

Benefits of Modern Outdoor Benches
Benches offer a slim, low-profile seating option in a variety of outdoor setting. Since benches are typically sleek and simple in design, they are a generally less expensive and less bulky option than a sofa or loveseat, but can still seat a number of people. These furniture pieces are highly popular in commercial or public settings where providing a place to sit is necessary, but a full lounge furniture arrangement would appear bulky and cannot easily be accommodated. Modern patio benches can oftentimes be easily bolted or secured into the sidewalk or ground so they will not shift or move around. In residential settings, benches are an ideal option when an unobstructed view is desired, but seating is necessary. A bench placed at the interior edge of a furniture arrangement will effortlessly preserve sight lines to all the other furniture. Modern outdoor benches also can be used in place of dining chairs at a dining table. One bench can usually seat three or four people along the long side of a rectangular dining table, bringing a fresh and varied appearance to a traditional dining set.

Decorating with Modern Outdoor Benches
Modern outdoor benches are both stylish and functional. They can be crafted from any outdoor materials, including aluminum, wrought iron, wood, recycled plastic, and more. They typically features sleek, pared-down styling and simple, clean lines to give the furniture pieces a modern leaning. Modern patio benches can vary greatly in appearance. Slatted wood and recycled plastic lumber benches are popular modern designs. These benches can include armrests and backs, which are usually minimally styled to further the sleek appearance of the bench. These furniture pieces can be placed in gardens, public parks, city settings, or alongside any residential lounge or dining furniture. To dress up an outdoor bench, accessorize with blankets or pillows. A long, plush cushion can be placed on top of the bench seating surface to create a more comfortable place to relax and gather.