4 to 6 Foot Patio Umbrellas

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Introduction to 4 to 6 Foot Patio Umbrellas
No matter the size of your outdoor space, a patio umbrella can provide protection from sun and rain as well as decorative value in any space. Our smallest umbrellas measure between 4 feet and 6 feet in diameter, providing practical shade solutions in small spaces. 4 ft to 6 ft patio umbrella options include numerous colors, fabrics, and styles, including wood umbrellas, fiberglass umbrellas, and aluminum umbrellas.

Pairing Patio Furniture with 4 to 6 Foot Patio Umbrellas
A 4 ft to 6 ft patio umbrella will create enough shade to accommodate three or four people standing and up to a 30 inch table. These sizes of umbrellas are ideal for small balconies, docks, or other small spaces and pair well with bistro tables, chaise lounges, or as protection for your BBQ grill. For shade protection on the go, our inventory also includes numerous portable 4 foot to 6 ft patio umbrella options, suited for use at beaches or parks.

Decorating with 4 to 6 Foot Patio Umbrellas
When decorating your outdoor space with a 4 ft to 6 foot patio umbrella, the aesthetic of the center pole itself becomes as prominent as the small shade. Choosing an umbrella with a wooden, or otherwise decorative, frame can make for an overall more stunning look and contribute the idea of your umbrella as a part of the decor in a limited space. To help make a small space appear less cluttered, we recommend choosing a 4 foot to 6 foot patio umbrella in a neutral fabric that matches with elements already in the space--be it the furniture, accessories, or organic elements. On the flip side, decorating with a small umbrella can also be a good opportunity to go bold with your fabric choice, as the smaller size will make a bold pattern appear less garish. Finally, there’s no reason to relegate smaller sized umbrellas strictly to your smallest spaces. A 4 foot to 6 foot patio umbrella can create a more private intimate space in a large space, by casting shade on a small sitting area or a coveted corner of your backyard.

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