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Brand Story
Fermob Outdoor Furniture is a French furniture designer and manufacturer, bringing European flair to international markets. From humble beginnings the brand has grown to become a name that is recognized in the industry around the globe, and commercial customers have come to know the brand for its two fold commitment to quality and design. Through collaborations with renowned designers and an earned reputation for quality, the brand has become one of the leading purveyors of commercial grade furniture. Fermob Outdoor Furniture includes a selection of collections and products that are available in twenty four eye catching colors, so you can find everything you need for your next commercial furniture project. The company is based in Thoissey France and a marked European influence is noticeable throughout the collections on offer. From hotels to restaurants, commercial venues of all sorts can be elevated with the addition of Fermob Outdoor Furniture.

The Fermob Outdoor Furniture Line
Fermob Outdoor Furniture has a diverse selection of outdoor furniture that is commercially graded so it’s easy to find exactly what you need. You can choose from tables of varying shapes, styles, and uses, from round dining tables to sleek square end tables. You’ll find seating including benches, lounge chairs, sofas, loveseats, and more to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer in supreme comfort. Many seating products come complete with upholstered cushions for an even more inviting way to relax and unwind. Footrests offer a place to kick up your feet and sit back, and rocking chairs are the perfect addition to a front porch or patio. Accessories will complete the look of your outdoor space, and Fermob Outdoor Furniture has planters, rolling carts, and more available in their inventory. Many products and collections are crafted from durable lightweight aluminum, a favorite material among trade professionals, homeowners, and commercial customers alike. This versatile material is able to hold the full spectrum of vibrant hues and colors, which lends itself to Fermob Furniture’s many customization options.

The Fermob Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic
Fermob Furniture prides itself on always offering an inventory that is fresh, pragmatic, and eye catching. The company leans into sleek designs that are versatile, lightweight and easy to rearrange when needed, and you’ll find a full range of collection and furniture groups on offer, so you can find the patio furniture that meets the needs of your next commercial project. The ever evolving brand lifts inspiration from conventional and unexpected sources, including art and its home country of France. The Luxembourg collection from Fermob Furniture is directly inspired by the furniture that is placed throughout the famous garden of the same name in Paris, France. Offering a nod to the iconic setting and bringing chic ease to any open air setting, the collection is a timeless merger of everyday practicality with classic designs that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Many products are available in upwards of two dozen color options, so it’s easy to match an existing color palette or add to a particular ambiance with your selections from Fermob Outdoor Furniture.

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