Fire Pit Table Buying Guide

A modern fire pit table is the perfect accessory for outdoor entertaining that offers convenient illumination and warmth to your outdoor space.


Well suited for outdoor entertaining, a fire pit table provides convenient illumination, warmth, and a table surface to set things down. The addition of a fire pit table creates a unique and unforgettable environment that offers plenty of comfort and ambiance with its safely lit, authentic flame. From sleek and contemporary designs, to rustic and more decorative models, PatioLiving offers a guide to help you find the ideal fire pit table that will best complement your outddor space and lifestyle. 


What Type Of Fire Pit Table Fuel Should I Use?

There are many different types of fuels available that will power a fire pit table, each with a unique set of characteristics and burning quality. Read on for details on each type of fuel to help determine the best fuel source suited for your needs and lifestyle.


Propane is the most common fuel used in outdoor heating appliances such as patio heaters and grills. Propane provides a clean burning flame which make them convenient for use in fire pit tables. Propane is housed in propane tanks, which easily attach to the fire pit table and are often concealed. While propane can supply convenience and outperform other fuel types, propane often proves expensive when replenishing tanks regularly.

Natural Gas

Built-in fire pit tables connect to a natural gas line, which is convenient for customers who use their outdoor space often since there is no need to replace used propane tanks. A permanent natural gas line means customers never have to worry about powering their fire pit table, but also the lacks the convenience of a portable fire pit table. Installing a built-in fire pit table but requires professional installation to safely connect a natural gas line, which can prove costly.


Burning wood is the most elemental method of creating warmth and light outdoors. This natural method can prove more cost-effective than using propane tanks.


Charcoal is used to create a controlled, even heat that produces a small flame. It a fast, convenient, and easy method of fueling a fire pit table.


Ideal for families, bio-ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel source that emits no smoke, ash, or embers. This clean-burning fuel is extremely efficient and safe.


Gel is another fuel alternative that does not emit smoke or odors.


What Is The Right Size Fire Pit Table For Me? 

When selecting the ideal fire pit table for your outdoor space, consider both the purpose and the environment of your outdoor area. Take into consideration the configuration of your space from furniture arrangement to the size, scale, and architecture of the environment. Fire pit tables are available in many different sizes to suit many spaces from petite 20-inch models, to large-scale models that measure 45-inches. Fire pit tables that measure 20-25 inches are ideal in compact spaces such as decks, patios, or porches, while large-scale models that measure 40-45 inches make an impactful centerpiece within a large seating arrangement for the perfect outdoor lounge.


Different Material Constructions For Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are constructed from high-quality materials to safely maintain an open, authentic flame. The choice of materials for fire pit tables runs from sleek, metal models, to rustic styles, constructed from natural materials to complement any outdoor aesthetic. Each type of material has been tested for safety and appropriate outdoor use, and each type of material carry set of unique set of characteristics depending on aesthetic and functional preference: 

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel fire pits bring a sleek, modern style that often promes more expensive than other fire pit model constructions. Stainless steel fire pits are available in a variety of different shapes, from round to rectangular, to fit in any space. Look for powder-coated models to prevent rust and corrosion from exposure to the elements.

  • Resistant to weather and rust
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Plenty of finish options

Aluminum Construction

Long regarded as a premier material used for modern outdoor furniture, aluminum is widely utilized for its convenient light weight and resiliency. Aluminum also does not re-absorb heat, which is ideal for the construction of aluminum fire pits.

  • Material is naturally 
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Lightweight and portable

Cast Aluminum Construction

Cast aluminum is considerably more heavy than aluminum because it is not hollow. Instead, cast aluminum is solidly built which makes it very sturdy. Cast aluminum fire pits offer classic outdoor style, with often ornate details such as crosshatch and architectural flourishes.

  • Heavyweight and stable
  • Rust-resistant

Bronze Construction

Most bronze and copper fire pit tables develop an attractive patina with a distinct orange-brown coloration after exposure to outdoor air which offers a unique aesthetic to outdoor spaces.

  • Higher price point
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant, but will develop a unique orange color with natural oxidation process 

Wicker Construction

With their woven, natural fibers, wicker fire pit tables bring an organic aesthetic that often channels tropical style. Wicker fire pit tables are often constructed with metal frames with woven wicker used as a covering to conceal the metal fire pit table framework.

  • Unique, natural aesthetic
  • Susceptible to color fading without proper maintenance

Fiberglass Construction

Fiberglass is a strong material that is made from fiber-reinforced plastic. Typically, fiberglass fire pit tables are used to replicate and achieve the look of polished stone without actually using stone.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stunning aesthetic that often replictes the look of natural stone

Faux Stone Construction

Faux stone fire pit tables are typically constructed from a unique material known as polyresin which isimulates the look of natural stone. 

  • Sturdy
  • Distinct aesthetic


Different Styles Of Fire Pit Tables

While fire pit tables come in various high-grade materials and fashionable shapes, there are three principal fire styles that modern fire pit tables fall into:

Mantel (Table-Style)

A mantel fire pit is the most common model of fire pit table. A cross between a coffee and bistro table, the hybrid style displays a mid-height profile perfect for intimate conversations and light meals. There are plenty of styles available, from round to rectangular models, that will suit any spatial configuration, as well as, an assortment of different material construction to complement any aesthetic.

Fire Bowl

Round and shaped like a bowl, the cauldron-style fire bowl typically displays a ground-level, low profile for a distinct look. The round design radiates 360 degrees of warmth and illumination, which make them exceptionally ideal for communal gatherings.


The unique shape of a chiminea brings a rustic charm to any backyard. Generally freestanding and tall in profile, the chiminea exhibits a round body which extends into a chimney-style stack on top. The front-loading, fireplace model does not contain a surface to set things down like a mantel fire pit table.



How To Maintain Your Fire Pit Table For Longevity And Care

  • Fire screens help contain sparks and flames
  • To prevent fire hazards, always make sure that the fire pit table is sufficiently secured and placed on a stable surface to prevent tipping over
  • After use, make sure to thoroughly clean ash and debris out to maintain the quality of your fire pit table 
  • Make sure to use a furniture cover in order to maintain the quality of your fire pit table when it is not in use