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Tonik Outdoor Furniture doesn’t manufacture your typical patio collections. The brand instead prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in commercial and residential outdoor spaces and brings inventive ideas and concepts to life. Whether you’re a private consumer or working on behalf of a client, look no further than the leading company to find the pieces you’re looking for, in a wide range of vibrant and eye catching colors. Tonik Outdoor Furniture is a collaborative effort that brings together leading engineers and designers to produce a product line that features unique silhouettes and one of a kind styling. Everything you see is American made and designed to last with ensuring the durability of every collection being a top priority during the production process. Tonik Outdoor Furniture is a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers too. Each piece is FDA certified for use in food serving environments and the brand received a Greenguard Gold Certification, so you can feel good about using your products.

The Tonik Outdoor Furniture Line The Tonik Outdoor Furniture inventory is a blend of practicality and form, with pieces that are designed with ergonomic comfort in mind for the ultimate in al fresco relaxation. You’ll find modern and contemporary pieces that are finished in bright, bold hues, and designed to catch the eye. No matter whether you style your Tonik Outdoor Furniture in an office complex courtyard or restaurant patio, these furniture pieces will not go unnoticed. The brand offers furniture to meet the scope and scale of any commercial or residential project, and you will find a diverse array of American made products that will stand the test of time of regular outdoor use in highly trafficked commercial environments. Choose Tonik Outdoor Furniture to create a playful and forward thinking outdoor aesthetic with plenty of panache. These pieces are streamlined and sleek to complement a range of architectural and contemporary styles.

The Tonik Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic Tonik Outdoor Furniture is experimental, modern, and fresh. These silhouettes and forms are completely unique to help you achieve a look in your outdoor space that’s anything but ordinary. The brand strongly believes when it comes to creating modern and innovative furniture, it’s about more than the shape of the pieces, and the business places a strong emphasis on color too. The brand achieves its signature and unique shapes through a process of high rotational spinning of heated polyethylene in a custom mold. The advanced Tonik Outdoor Furniture production technique is relatively new, meaning your furniture selections will look decidedly modern and fresh in any outdoor setting. You can choose from a range of seating, table, and stool pieces, plus outdoor planters that make it simple to introduce greenery into your arrangement. To complete the look of your Tonik Outdoor Furniture arrangement you can add in a fire pit table, colorful outdoor textiles like a rug or pillows, and a vibrant umbrella to shade and protect the space.

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