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Howard Elliot Outdoor

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Howard Elliot Outdoor

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Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture brings outstanding comfort, versatility, and style to any outdoor setting, from residential backyards to commercial venues like hotels and restaurants. The brand specializes in comfortable outdoor upholstered seating, and you can choose from a variety of styles and options to find the furniture that meets your needs. It is the growing brand’s principal goal to redefine how the world sees the home furniture and hospitality industries by bringing inventive designs and fresh innovations to market for residential and consumer use. The brand is headquartered out of America’s heartland in Illinois and ships its wares throughout the United States. Founded in 2001, Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture has been in business for nearly two decades, and is constantly evolving and growing to meet the shifting needs and wants of today’s home and commercial consumers. Every product on offer must meet high standards for durability and quality, which is great news for residential, trade, and commercial consumers alike. Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture brings the perfect balance of utility and style to any outdoor space, no matter the weather.

The Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture Line Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture is a brand that specializes in bringing every comfort of the indoors to the outdoor realm. Every product and collection on offer is made with durable materials and is engineered using the latest technologies to withstand wear and damage from the outdoor elements while giving nothing away in terms of style. Howard Elliott specializes in modular furniture designs that are simple to reconfigure and rearrange. Simple align the pieces of your modular set together, use the easy to use clips to secure the frames to each other, and add your comfortable cushions to begin making the most of your backyard or outdoor commercial environment. The brand offers lounge chairs, ottomans, curved bench style seats, and more to complete any lounging arrangement. Pillows from Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture are the perfect finishing touch and bring an extra layer of comfort and pop of color in an instant.

The Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture Aesthetic The Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture line is all about comfort and ease. You can rearrange your modular outdoor furniture selections in a snap and the plush anti-microbial foam brings premium comfort and versatility to any open air environment. You can customize your upholstered selections from Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture with a broad and varied range of fabric color and pattern options. The brand even offers select Sunbrella cushion covers, for customers who demand the absolute best in outdoor durability and style. All cushion covers feature a concealed zipper for easy removal for spot cleaning or drying. You can instantly refresh the look of your sectional or sofa from the leading brand by swapping out the cushion covers for the look of a brand new sofa at a fraction of the cost. No matter the scope or scale of your upcoming furniture project, find the comfortable seating essentials you’re looking for from Howard Elliott Outdoor Furniture.

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