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There is a lot of information in the FAQ that is also in the Terms of Use. What is the difference between the Terms of Use and the FAQ?

The FAQ is meant as a convenient place to find the answers to our most common questions in a convenient, user friendly manner. The terms of use are more specific and detailed with additional information.


Do you sell replacement parts?

Generally speaking we do not sell replacement parts. The major exceptions to this are replacement cushions.


Why don't you sell replacement parts, and where can I find them?

The largest reason we do not sell replacement parts is that there are many similar looking sets from various manufacturers and the likelihood of ordering the wrong part, or the right part for the wrong piece is extremely high over the phone or online. We recommend either the dealer you purchased the items from, or a local dealer for replacement parts. Most manufacturers have dealer locators on their websites. Simply search by your zip code or area. Many local dealers offer repair services as well.


How will my furniture ship?

That depends on the size and weight of the product. Smaller items ship UPS or FedEx and larger items and sets will ship with a freight carrier of our choice, most likely in a tractor trailer. When shipping options such as white glove service or overnight shipping are available, we will have those options open to you.


When will my furniture arrive?

On the page for a given item we have a general figure for when an order will ship. As the majority of our items are made to order, an exact shipping date cannot be determined until the order ships. Once the order is placed, we will receive an estimated shipping date from the manufacturer based on their current production load and the options specific to your order.


What is the product warranty/guarantee policy?

Product warranty information will vary based on the specific manufacturer and item, please refer to each specific product info page and click on the “Product Warranty” tab.


How much is the shipping cost in continental United States?

Our shipping is FREE to contiguous states within the United States on orders of $500 dollars or more.


How much is the shipping cost outside of continental United States?

There will be a shipping cost for all orders shipping outside of contiguous United States. On the checkout page you will be able to see the shipping cost before placing your order.


How will my product be delivered?

We offer the following freight delivery methods:

1. UPS/FedEx – This method applies to items with size and/or weight small enough to be handled by these carriers. You will be able to track your delivery using standard UPS/FedEx tracking numbers using or

2. Freight Delivery - Freight delivery is made for items with size and/or weight too large for small package carriers such as UPS or FedEx. Deliveries will be made during normal business hours and the delivery agent will contact you in advance to schedule a convenient time of delivery. There are two freight services that we offer:

(I) Curb Side Delivery – This is our standard shipping method of delivery for items with size and/or weight too large for small package carriers such as UPS or FedEx. The delivery agent will contact you in advance to schedule a delivery time that works for you. The items will be dropped off on the driveway of the house and it will be your responsibility to move the items into your desired location.

(II) White Glove Delivery – This is a premium service of delivery that includes special handling and placement, and is not available for all items. At a minimum white glove delivery includes bringing the order to the threshold, or the first dry location (such as a garage).


What if my shipment is damaged or I have a warranty issue?

In the extremely rare case of your shipment arriving damaged, please document the damages incurred and contact us immediately to resolve the situation. If the carton is severely damaged, you have the option to refuse delivery. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we will do everything possible to resolve these types of situations. If the damage is not discovered immediately at the time of the delivery, we allow 15 days after the delivery for customers to find the damage and send us a claim with supporting documentation and photos. Review and approval can take up to 10 days for the claim. Depending on the type of damage or flaw in the order replacement parts may be sent, or a new piece sent. Warranty claims will follow the same procedure, but the length of time allowed for warranty claims will of course reflect the warranty period for the specific item.


How can I view an order status?

You can view your order status by logging in to your account and clicking on the order information link.


What is the cancellation policy?

Order cancellations must be submitted via phone no later than 24 hours after order placement. After this point restocking fees can apply to the order.


Why is my fabric/finish different in person than what I saw on the screen?

There are many factors that go into how a fabric or finish will look on your screen. The lighting conditions when the picture was taken, the quality of camera and lens used to take the picture. Your personal monitor settings, and even the angle you are viewing the monitor from can all influence how the fabric and finish look on the site. While we do try to provide online samples that are representative of the fabrics and finishes, it is always best to request a swatch.


What is the difference between the different fabric grades?

The fabric grades are primarily a price difference on most items when comparing fabrics by the same manufacturer. Some fabrics are simply more labor and material intensive to produce than others. There are some exceptions and these are usually reflected in the fade warranty on a particular brand of fabric.


When will I be notified of my order shipping?

We usually receive tracking information for an order the day after it has shipped and pass that information to you as quickly as we can.


Why did the shipping date change?

All the dates we give are estimates. The first date you receive will be the general estimate based on our experience with the specific item or manufacturer. Once your order enters production, we will receive an updated estimate from the manufacturer based on their current production times for the specific items. You may receive an update if there are any unforeseen production delays as well. When the item ships you will also receive tracking information as well. We usually receive tracking information the next business day after an order leaves the manufacturers dock.


Why can't I get an exact shipping date instead of an estimate?

The vast majority of our products are made to order. Because of this there are any number of factors which might result in a shipping delay. From mechanical breakdowns in the production line, to human error, even to weather temporarily preventing production or shipping.


Can you check on the stock a particular manufacturer has for an item?

We can of course ask about stock for a particular item with a particular manufacturer. However, the availability of a particular item may change in between the time we inquire and the time the order is placed. The term “in stock” is also a bit of a misnomer for the majority of the items that we sell. It generally refers to the availability of the component pieces of an item rather than the finished item.


What is the return policy?

We will accept returns of new, unused items within 30 days of the delivery for a refund. If there was an error on our part, we will pay the return shipping costs, otherwise we will charge the shipping and handling costs both ways. For custom products 15% restocking fee will apply. Custom products are defined by options at the item detail page, such as finish and fabric. Please visit Contact Us or call us to initiate the return process.


What are the dimensions of the replacement cushions?

The replacement cushions we sell are made by the original manufacturer specifically for the collection in question. Because of the number of similar collections which might have the same overall dimensions but different shapes, we choose not to have the dimensions on hand even when they are available. If you know you have pieces from the [collection] by [manufacturer], you can order the cushions for that collection knowing they will fit. There are a couple exceptions of this in the universal cushions available from some manufacturers. Those dimensions are listed.


Why are the items I received slightly different in dimension than what is listed?

The dimensions we use are provided to us by the individual manufacturers. Every manufacturer has a different tolerance for dimension variations. Certain materials are also more prone to changing dimensions with a change in temperature as well. If the variance is under 1” this is likely the reason.


The furniture/cushion has a number on it. Will that help you identify it?

The numbers stamped or tagged on a piece usually has little to no meaning outside of the factory. It's usually a way for manufacturers to determine which production line an item came off of etc. Although some manufacturers will also incorporate the item number as a serial number, most do not. For identifying a piece, pictures are usually best. As product numbers can change and sometimes even be re-used over time.


What if I want a fabric that isn't listed?

Every manufacturer is different, but most will allow substitutions of current Sunbrella fabrics. However, these substitutions will generally be at a grade or two higher than the fabric would be listed as if it were a standard fabric for that manufacturer. If in doubt, ask.


Why can't I find the finish/fabric that I have on my current furniture/ umbrella?

Finishes and fabrics are continuously being updated and discontinued for various reasons. Most manufacturers try not to do this in the middle of the product year, however this sometimes does occur. Because of these changes sometimes it is necessary to re-select a fabric or finish once an order has been placed. When this occurs, we will notify you as soon as we learn of the issue so that you can re-select a fabric.


Will you match this price?

From other online retailers we can normally match any advertised price. However, there are some rare occasions where we are not able to do so without breaking our contracts with a particular manufacturer.


How do I clean this item?

Gentle soap and water with a soft bristled brush will take care of most issues. If there is mold/ mildew present 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of warm water followed by gentle soap and water. Most fabrics are machine washable but should not be placed in a dryer. The cushion material itself should not be placed in the washer or dryer. These are general guidelines and checking with a particular manufacturer is always recommended.


What is the weight rating for this item?

All the chairs that we sell are tested to at least 250 pounds. This does not indicate that all furniture will break at 251 pounds. It is simply where most manufacturers stop their safety testing.


What is the BTU output of a firepit?

It will vary by the firepit and what settings you use (when applicable). But generally speaking: 4,000-17,000 BTU's.


What is the difference in umbrella fabrics? Which are more wind resistant?

For the umbrella fabrics, the grades are price points when looking at the same manufacturer and do not reflect quality. When looking at different brands the price does indicate quality to an extent. We tend to recommend the Sunbrella fabrics as they are the most resistant to fading, however all the fabrics are synthetic fabrics designed for outdoor use. Although they are water resistant, they are not waterproof as they are designed for providing shade rather than rain protection. A light drizzle will likely roll off whereas you would want to take the umbrella down during large storms as even the smaller umbrellas have a lot of surface area for the wind to catch. Although double venting and fiberglass ribs to help to protect the umbrellas against wind damage, once the wind gets to 30-40 MPH it can cause damage. Though most are tested to between 40 and 50 MPH we like to be pessimistic as no manufacturer's warranty covers wind damage.


What do you have for real wicker furniture?

For exterior use woven grasses, bamboo, and other natural materials have a relatively short “lifespan”. For exterior use almost all wickers are either synthetic or reconstituted natural materials with very heavy resin coatings. Which on a practical level makes them almost indistinguishable from a synthetic material.