Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Learn more about outdoor recycled plastic furniture.

Recycled plastic, also referred to as marine-grade polymer (MGP), is a type of plastic derived from post-consumer bottle waste and post-industrial materials that includes plastic containers, packaging, and water bottles. Recycled plastic (and MGP) is an innovative material made to resemble many types of natural materials such as wood, while improving overall durability and all-weather use. Recycled plastic patio furniture is a great alternative to traditional wood patio furniture, highly valued for its affordability and eco-friendly construction when compared to natural materials. This non bio-degradable material conserves the use of lumber and prevents deforestation, and is the go-to choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking a “green” lifestyle.

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it performs well in outdoor conditions. Recycled plastic patio furniture is desirable for its long-lasting, maintenance-free characteristics. Unlike other outdoor materials, including different types of metal, wood and wicker outdoor furniture, recycled plastic has a lifetime finish, meaning that the material will not degrade in any setting. Recycled plastic and marine-grade polymer are all-weather materials that will not fade in the sunlight, and is resistant to the harshest outdoor elements such as the corrosive effects of saltwater. Some outdoor materials that are untreated can warp and degrade over time when exposed to moisture and humidity. However, the construction process of recycled plastic makes it an exceptionally stable material that retains its structural integrity no matter the environment. This means that recycled plastic outdoor furniture will not crack, peel, or splinter.

To make recycled plastic patio furniture, post-consumer plastics are melted and molded into plastic lumber which imitates the look of authentic wood (complete with natural wood grain). This construction process also provides the main aesthetic value of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic patio furniture is widely available in an array of different color options that are not readily available in other outdoor materials. A spectra of colors are available from bright cherry red, to cerulean ocean blue, bringing a bold, one-of-a-kind colorful look to outdoor living spaces. For colored recycled plastic outdoor furniture and lumber, dye is mixed directly into the melted plastic material. This ensures that the color runs all the way through the material, and guarantees color-lasting technology that is fade-resistant and will retain its color quality even when scratched or damaged.

Because recycled plastic is waterproof and requires no painting or staining to retain its stunning color consistency, recycled plastic furniture is exceptionally easy to clean. To maintain the quality of your recycled plastic outdoor furniture, it is recommended that customers use non-abrasive cleaners to clean their recycled plastic outdoor furniture. Regular water is sufficient for rinsing off debris. Easy maintenance is yet another benefit of this state-of-the-art outdoor material.