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Outdoor Patio Grill Accessories

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Grill Covers (47)
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Grill Infrared Burners (7)
Grill Rotisseries (15)
Grill Light (3)
Ice Makers (4)
Grill Insulating Liners (25)
Grill Cookware (11)
Grill Racks (23)
Refrigerators (10)
Vent Hoods (12)
Coolers (2)
Valves (2)
Grill Shields (3)
Side Tables (1)
Griddles (13)
Beverage Center (6)
Caddie (25)
Baking Stones (4)
Grill Dividers (4)
Trash Bins (3)
Doors & Drawers (99)
Grill Thermometer (1)
Grill Islands (7)
Under $500 (270)
$500 - $1000 (81)
$1000 - $1500 (28)
$1500 - $2000 (5)
$2000 - $2500 (1)
$3000 - $3500 (8)
$3500 and up (3)
AOG (54)
Fire Magic (168)
Outdoor Greatroom (8)
Primo Grills (67)
RCS Grills (94)
Windham Castings (5)

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RCS Grills Stainless Double 33in Wide Door
List Price 332.86  FREE SHIPPING
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RCS Grills Stainless Vertical Door
List Price 212.86  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Extension Rack Oval XL 400/Kamado
List Price 95.24  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Firebox Oval XL 400 Cast Iron Divider
List Price 98.71  FREE SHIPPING
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AOG 36'' Built-in Grill Cover
List Price 88.71  FREE SHIPPING
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Fire Magic Stainless Steel Refrigerator
List Price 742.69  FREE SHIPPING
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AOG 30'' Built-in Grill Cover
List Price 83.57  FREE SHIPPING
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AOG 24'' Built-in Grill Cover
List Price 77.14  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Firebox Cast Iron Divider Oval JR 200
List Price 90.04  FREE SHIPPING
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AOG Steel Infra-Red Burner System
List Price 414.00  FREE SHIPPING
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RCS Grills Wine Cooler
List Price 527.14  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Cast Iron Searing Grate Oval LG 300
List Price 95.24  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Extension Rack Oval JR 200/Kamado
List Price 77.93  FREE SHIPPING
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RCS Grills Liquid Propane Hose Kit
List Price 84.29  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Ash Tool
List Price 34.64  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Grate Lifter
List Price 34.64  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo V Rack Oval XL 400/LG 300/Kamado
List Price 65.80  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Teak Table Oval XL 400
List Price 2,181.82  FREE SHIPPING
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AOG 36'' Portable Grill Cover
List Price 144.00  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Firebox Divider Oval LG 300
List Price 96.96  FREE SHIPPING
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Primo Cypress Prep Table
List Price 961.82  FREE SHIPPING
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Products 1 - 48 of 396
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Introduction to Grill Accessories
PatioLiving strives to provide furnishings, appliances, and finally accessories that make the outdoors truly liveable. Grill accessories serve a vital purpose in any outdoor culinary setting, from small backyards to large commercial settings, as they serve to optimize the usability of outdoor kitchens or grills, and make outdoor cooking both easier and more enjoyable. PatioLiving offers a comprehensive selection of accessories for grilling and cooking equipment designed to improve the safety, functionality, and long-term durability of any outdoor grill. Various accessories have particular uses and benefits, making them well-suited to use with certain grill types, sizes, or cooking styles. All accessories for the grill are crafted for durability and style, from materials such as porcelain and stainless steel, to coordinate with our selection of premium quality grills. Our inventory includes accessories to assist with every aspect of grilling and outdoor cooking, from prep to clean up, from top brands such as Fire Magic and Outdoor Greatroom.

Types of Grill Accessories
Grill accessories assist with every stage of outdoor cooking, from meal preparation to clean up, and even long term storage. Each accessory serves a particular and vital function, to improve the safety, enjoyability, or ease of cooking. Some accessories used during cooking can even improve and influence the taste of your food. We carry a number of safety apparatuses, such as automatic shut-off valves, vent hoods and grill shields. PatioLiving also carries several items suited for installation in any outdoor kitchen, including many inspired by traditional indoor appliances, designed to contribute valuable functionality to any comprehensive outdoor cooking space. Our inventory includes beverage centers, doors and drawers, and side burners, including stainless and infrared options and single or double burner sizes. To keep drinks cool and food from spoiling, PatioLiving offers refrigerators, ice makers, and coolers. To assist directly with your cooking and influence your culinary results, PatioLiving offers a varied selection of baking stones, rotisseries, and many other utensils. When not in use, PatioLiving carries grill covers in varied shapes and sizes to protect your grill from wind, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.

Benefits of Grill Accessories
PatioLiving’s varied selection of premium grills cannot be fully used or enjoyed without a complementary set of accessories. Our extensive inventory of accessories for grilling includes options to complete any outdoor cooking space, with stylish picks to appeal to any aesthetic preferences. From casual backyard barbecuers to seasoned professional chefs, our accessory inventory includes options suitable for use with any grill or outdoor kitchen, making it easy to build a luxury outdoor kitchen with every convenience or select portable options such as a single accessory rack or small grill cover. Grill accessories make outdoor living possible, providing the safety features and functionality necessary to fully enjoy cooking outdoors.

For more information about grills, read PatioLiving's Grills Buying Guide for information about grill types, power, features and safety.
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